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While we are groaning that it’s August 1st that also means that Summer Reading is over again for another year.  51 different kids participated with an average of 32 per Olympic session!  Thanks to the World Journal for such good coverage and A SPECIAL THANK YOU you goes out to our “Olympic Sponsors” who helped support our summer reading program: Ackley Family Dental, Alpha Epsilon Master, Barry Hofmeister Agency, Blank Park Zoo, Casey’s, GNB Bank, Green Belt Bank & Trust, Ibeling Insurance, McDonalds, McDowell & Sons Contractors, Inc., NUCARA Pharmacy,  Ryken Engineering, Sietsema Funeral Home and T&S Auto Parts, LLC.  Larry Beving’s family also provided us with some extra books to give away so most of the kids received two books to keep.  Also a big thank you to the Cougar’s Den who sent helping hands and all the parents and volunteers that helped out when we needed extra hands!  It’s true it takes a village to do many things.

Don't forget to stop and sign up your toddler for 1,000 Before Kindergarten!

Audiobook SYNC will give two paired audiobook titles that readers can download for FREE from now till August 17th!  These titles are perfect for teen readers and adults alike!  Each Thursday (click on the link) http://audiobooks will be updated with the weeks current titles!  So be sure to bookmark the website!

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