Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Ackley Public Library serves as a community resource for all ages, providing a safe, welcoming area to read or interact with others, as well as an open and accessible virtual space for networking.

Long Range Plan and Goals and Objectives of the Ackley Public Library

The mission of the Ackley Library Board of Trustees and Staff is based on the following values or measures which are descriptive of our library.

…to assemble, preserve and administer an organized collection of educational, recreational library material and to provide equal access to its patrons.  Our objective is to increase acquisition of a well rounded collection.

to strive to remain updated on information technology.

…to serve the community as a center of reliable information in cooperation with the state, regional and area libraries and to continue to serve the community with new computer technology by replacing older computers with newer every two to three years as the need arises.

…to support educational, civic and cultural activities of groups and organizations and to value youth as the future of our library and surrounding community.

…to continually seek to identify community needs and to provide programs of service to meet such needs, from the elderly to the youngest patrons.  Our objective is to continue outreach to both adult and children by offering programs.

…to employ competent, well trained personnel to guarantee quality service to all persons regardless of origin, age, background or views.  All library services shall be offered to all individuals.

to exhaust all avenues of financial support and be accountable for funds invested.

…to provide opportunity for recreation through the use of literature, music, films and other art forms.

…to encourage and support the staff as one of its greatest assets.  Our objective is to continue to strive to raise staff pay to correspond with the average salary of like-sized libraries.  To encourage all staff to participate in continuing education.

…to uphold the library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement by providing all points of view.

We will continue to strive to reach the above goals by directing monies for books to include more large print as well as requesting additional funding from the City.  The goals to increase programs may be met local volunteers who has agreed to host these adult programs, and by interested parties to help with the Children’s Programming.  This goal is to be reached by presenting data to both the Library Board and to the City Board.  Our timeline is to accomplish the above by the budget year FY23.

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