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January 12, 2017

Check It Out

Do you start the new year out with good intentions to lose 5 pounds, join a gym, eat more broccoli and……………..….  Well I want to challenge you to do something that will be good for you but a lot easier.  I challenged the After School Kids to read:

An electronic book

A nonfiction book

A book with an animal main character

A book you read with a friend

A book published this year

A mystery or historical fiction book

A fantasy, steampunk, or horror book

A book recommended by a teacher

A comic book or graphic novel

A favorite book you want to reread

A book whose cover you like

A funny book

We have been working on the overdue list, even though we are not charging fines unless you have lost the item we still need to ask you to bring them back in a timely manner, many times there is someone who has been waiting for that book (especially when it belongs to a series) or a DVD.  So please help us out and check around your house for library returns.  Thanks in advance.

Also we realized that we need to update our contact information for many of you.  Cell phones and e-mail have become preferred communication for us.  If you no longer have the land line you had when you received you library card please stop and update us or e-mail the library at

For everyone’s safety the Ackley Public Library is closed when AGWSR is closed for winter weather conditions.